Eye Exams

At COMPU-EYE CARE OPTOMETRIST , Dr. Somers' eye exams cater to your specific needs. Eye exams evaluate much more than your ability to distinguish a fuzzy letter 'E' from a fuzzy letter 'F.' In many cases, they are crucial in detecting serious diseases.

The big difference at COMPU-EYE CARE OPTOMETRIST is that Dr. Somers will do your complete eye exam. Dr. Somers will also evaluate your vision and provide prescriptions for eyeglasses or contacts when necessary. Many people may have trouble seeing long distance, short distance, or both. Individuals who use a computer frequently may also be more prone to eye problems, as they tend to strain or exhaust your eyes. Prescription glasses or contact lenses can help alleviate problems or any visual situation you participate in.

At COMPU-EYE CARE, we put your vision first. Your eyes are sensitive things, and it is pivotal to have regular eye exams from a professional optometrist. Cataracts, diabetes, and glaucoma can all lead to blindness if not diagnosed and treated early on, and not all of these disorders have symptoms that can be easily detected on your own. Our experienced optometrist, Dr. Somers, will perform several tests on your vision and will scan your eyes for glaucoma and retinal and corneal disorders.

Adults and children should have their eyes tested annually to keep their prescriptions current and to check for early signs of eye disease such as cataracts or glaucoma. In children, eye exams play an important role in ensuring normal vision development and academic achievement. Reading an eye chart at school or at the pediatrician does not detect all the visual needs of a child. The doctor will council your children on how to prevent future visual problems.

If you are experiencing loss of vision, eye discomfort, or other eye issues, contact us today at COMPU-EYE CARE OPTOMETRIST in Santa Monica, CA. Don’t take chances with your vision—remember, blindness can usually be prevented! We will work with your busy schedule to get you taken care of at your earliest convenience.


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